I know it's late

But some things just catch my ear.

I’m sitting here listening to the nightly news talking about the North Korea situation with half an ear, and I keep hearing something that actually nags for my full attention.

The talking head keeps saying “Nucular weapons” and “nucular enrichment” and “nucular missiles”. Look, folks, just because Bush says it that way doesn’t mean that the correct pronunciation has actually changed. But it is apparently some accepted form of Bush-onics making its occasional forays into so-called “serious” (i.e., Alphabet channels) media, with editors and news directors either deliberately ignorant of such a simple fact as the accepted pronunciation of a word, or so obtuse that they are incapable of grasping that a difference exists.

Hint: It’s pronounced NOO-KLEE-URR

And they keep wondering why they are losing viewers…

No I Am Not Dead. What Made You Ask?

Haven’t even come close to being dead in oh, about 3 months now.

To make a long story somewhat short, I was in another car accident back at the end of April and I suffered a crushed left leg which required surgery to repair-- I really need to stop being “The Passenger”—and the thought of sitting at my desk in a full on leg cast did not really appeal to me all that much. After the cast came off a few weeks ago I decided I didn’t like any of you all that much to post much of anything (I’m kidding). Seriously, after my physical therapy my leg aches so I pop 3 Tylenol PM and just pass the ef out. At least there was something good that came out of all this, the driver of the vehicle that hit my friend’s just got 90 days in the slammer for DUI. Had it been me handing down the sentence they would have received life for damaging a national treasure in your’s truly, and who says I don’t have a healthy sense of self?

On a completely unrelated and random note, I turned another year older on Tuesday the 19th. I’m 5, in dog years. If you’re too lazy to do the multiplication (or you are a recent graduate of our Nation’s public school system) then I well and truly feel sorry for you and I think you shouldn’t breed.

And by the way, I’m Back.